Wednesday, 7 October 2020

Windy Wednesday.

 Today is the DP's 72 birthday.  Also Grandson T. and Grandson M.  Wow. Just about cleaned me out of Birthday cards.  Back to the card factory....

We had had a night without Badgers but they were back last night.

New Covid regulations have left many people reeling.  Lets hope they work in halting the increase of people affected.

I have not been put back into Shielding.  But have to be more careful.  Still waiting for the flu jab invite.  

Lots of seaweed or waur is the Doric.

A few small surfers.

A fishing boat returning with a haul of fish.  Evidenced by the host of sea birds accompanying it.

It was very windy but I managed a short walk.

An apology from the cleaning company who will endeavour to get the cleaners nearer the time I want.

Sleep well.


Jackie said...

I am falling in love with the badgers!! Quite the characters.

Glad you got the cleaner situation sorted out.

God bless.

L said...

Happy birthday to your hubby and all the other family members,, that was a busy time! Today is my grand daughters birthday, she’s 11, lovely photos, I’m glad the badgers back, our provinces Covid numbers are rising, it’s very nerve wracking,

Sooze said...

It's ridiculous that you haven't yet had an appointment for your flu jab, with your health problems. Husband and I, relatively healthy but with underlying health conditions that make us both eligible, had ours a fortnight ago, we simply rang the surgery and were booked in with no fuss. Could you not ring your surgery, or do you have to wait to be invited?

Tom Stephenson said...

My attitude toward badgers has changed a little since I heard that they are the main reason that hedgehogs are dying out.

mamasmercantile said...

We had ours yesterday, might be worth the phone call to check.