Wednesday 14 October 2020


Some lovely weather today!  Spirits lifted.  Sunshine.  Wowee.  Cold. But Sun brings on a smile does it not.

Some of last nights activity.

Today was the first day of the Art Trail in the town.  The DP went to take some photos of the shop windows.

The DP's display.  Mine are still not up in the shop they have been delivered to.  Not impressed.

So to the Prom where the sea air and sunlight calmed me down.


Beach and birds.

Surf school.

Tomorrow our Garden construction team are coming.  It has been that long I cannot remember what we agreed!

Exciting int it.


Jackie said...

What gorgeous art works on display!! There must be many very talented painters where you live.

God bless.

Tom Stephenson said...

Badgers are noisy eaters, eh? Do you produce greetings cards? A friend of mine does, but it is quite difficult to make decent money with them.