Monday 12 October 2020

Moist Monday

 Polite way of saying it has been persistently raining. All day.

I managed to get up washed and dressed and we headed off for the flu jab.  Here we have schools closed for 2 weeks.  Historically it is the tattie fortnight when the kids went into the fields and picked potatoes.   

Instead of being summoned to the surgery the whole area has appointments at the local secondary school.  It was well organised.  Met at the door and questioned as to current health.  Masks worn by all.  Hands sanitised.  Then taken into the hall seated and jabbed.  

I was told I could take off the mask so long as I socially distanced.  They could see I was about to pass out.  

Once jabbed I was led off by another person who took me to another area and sat me down and told me to remove my mask. 

All the staff were so kind and aware of my discomfort.  

Exit was through a different door.  But for me I needed the ramp so was escorted out the way I had come in.  Brilliant.  I could have wept at how considerate they were to me - and others who had a problem.  Our NHS really is wonderful.

Later we went to the Prom.  I had the waterproof trousers on and took a deep breath and got out of the car.

The DP getting wet.

Wet Prom.

Surf School.

A short walk.  Dripping wet!

Wet birds.  Oystercatcher in the background.

Better weather forecast for tomorrow.  I do hope so.  Our friends well is now full. 

I have had a skype a day for the last three days and seen daughters, partners and grand kids.  Cheered me so much.

Not heard of changes in Scotland yet.  England oh dear.  Will it never end.  

Trying hard to be positive.  Thanks to all my lovely blogging friends.  You keep me going.  

Could do without the nasty trolls - I have one with a name now Kirrie.  Her blog is one of those you cannot see - I wonder why.  But she is nasty.  Feel sorry for her.  Poor woman.


Tink said...

I remember the tattie holidays - crikey it was hard work, and dirty too! Do the kids still do it? It would probably be considered child exploitation these days. Glad you had a good experience with your flu jab. By the looks of that weather it’s just as well you found your waterproof trousers. Moving into spring in this part of the world and already the weather is warm and looking to be a hot summer..

Gail, northern California said...

So glad to hear you got your flu jab and that the staff was so well-organized and sympathetic. You amaze me --- regardless of the weather, you try your best to get outside in the fresh air and get a little exercise (so important for muscle tone). You go girl!

Jackie said...

Sorry that you are being troubled by trolls. Some are downright monsters.

How wonderful that those looking after the flu jabs were so kind and helpful to you.

God bless.

Sue in Suffolk said...

How good to hear about your skype with families and that your flu jab excursion was so well organised.

Wet and more wet here too - gloomy weather is very depressing. I have my flu jab tomorrow, no idea about the protocols involved, suppose I'd better ring and find out

Sooze said...

Glad you got to see your family, Skype is a lifeline for lots of people.