Saturday 17 October 2020

Very Tired.

 Not sure why other  than anxieties of yesterday  - we decided not to have any more work done!  Or workers that shout a lot.

The Badger was late but then that is why we have a trail camera!

The DP was shopping in the morning.  We have put ASDA delivery on hold.  Some of the substitutions were stupid.  There were other niggles,  So until we are restricted more.....

After lunch we went to the Prom.

Surf School had its Groms on the Prom competition.  The Car park was packed.  As was the Prom and despite notices about social distancing.......

Not much walking for me.  I stayed well clear.

Surfers being judged and a fast boat.

We came home.  

The DP has begun planting his herb bed.

You cannot see it but in the pond is a tiny solar powered fountain!  The builders put it in and it is too far for me to reach to put it back in a small water feature on the Shedudio patio!

The DP is off to B&Q tomorrow looking for plants for the pool.  I am assuming there is a shelf in there.  

I need to get down to the Shedudio and start painting again.

Night night.


Ellen D. said...

Looks too cold for people to be in the water! and too crowded. Glad you stayed well away. Hope the skies clear - looks pretty dark!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Yes it's the same here - any event and people seem to forget about social distancing. Very worrying.

Jackie said...

Social distancing seems to disappear when something like a competition happens. Glad you steered clear.

God bless.

Jean said...

People seem to forget about social distancing. You were wise to stay out of it.