Wednesday 28 October 2020


 Letter from the hospital.  I have a phone consultation in November with the chest clinic.  Well then -  as I usually have to do blow jobs and someone listening to chest while breathing in and out I am unsure how this will proceed!

Not a bad weather day today.  No wind, no rain, not much sun either but you cannot have everything.

Big box of water plants arrived.  So the DP had fun putting them all at the level recommended.

They are tiny at the moment!

Off to the Prom.

Boats big and small.

Redshank at the waters edge.

Oystercatcher.  Turnstones left and right.

The sky and strange clouds.  The beach with Tiger Hill.

This lot frightened me to death.  Large group of secondary school pupils with a teacher.  Not one socially distancing or being reminded so to do.

Every year we have thousands of pink footed Geese overwinter at the Loch of Strathbeg.  They leave in the morning to feed on grass.  In the evening they return to roost.

This is a skein going back early evening. The noise they make is amazing.  Sound up.

My friend is still having tests in hospital.  But we have been able to message each other and tonight a phone call.  All good.

No news of Weaver of Grass.  Anyone have any updates?  So many of us would like to know.


Ruta M. said...

Hi, Your group of pupils may well have been part of a year group 'bubble' where social distancing is not required. A ridiculous idea which I'm sure is more about enabling schools to function and rather than a realistic health strategy.

crafty cat corner said...

Can't wait to see the pond when all the plants are grown, this is going to be lovely to sit by. When we had our allotment we had a pond and it was so peaceful to just sit and stare, especially when we had the little froglets.
Good luck with the 'Blow Job' tom used to hate doing those.

Tom Stephenson said...

You have to do WHAT? Where is this hospital? I need a check-up.

50 and counting said...

I just spit my tea across my monitor. I do hope you mean peak flow metre tests!