Friday, 30 October 2020


 This anxiety lark is wearing.  I have a carer twice a week.  I know the carer but I still get anxious.  Have I got the clothes ready, in the right order.  Have I taken all my pills.  Is my bladder empty.  Just stupid.  

So she came.  I am washed and moisturised and dressed.  And totally exhausted.  Stupid.

The DP was away to do the shopping.  He prefers shopping to having it delivered. His choice.  Gives him a break from me!

This cat keeps coming back.  Very nervy and suspicious of people.  Well we two.

Persuaded the DP to give it some Tuna.  Which he did.  When he came back from shopping there were some cat food sachets....  It has had one.

In the afternoon we went to the surgery.  The DP had to have blood taken for testing for his Prostate cancer levels.  Then we went to the Prom.

Cold again.  Short walk.

The Gull Gang masses of them.

My friend is home from hospital.  She has to keep a dietary diary to establish what causes her bowel to object and become infected.  Scary.  Just glad she is home.

Looks as if we are heading for a national lockdown.  So depressing.  But if it works all good.


Jackie said...

How sweet that you are feeding that cat. It looks very lonely, if one can tell that.

I was told yesterday when I have my operation that I should hire a cleaner for the 6 weeks I will be unable to do so myself. I looked at the woman who said this and stated that I would have to tidy before the cleaner came. I can see why you would be anxious over the carer even though you know her.

God bless.

Debby said...

We have a feral cat at our retirement property. He comes and he goes as he wishes. He will not come close, and we get only the quickest glimpses of him. I tried to set out food for him, but wound up feeding some fractious raccoons instead and had to stop. That little cat is wiley and resourceful. I call him GetAlong.

Mollysmum said...

What a sweet little cat, so good of you to provide some food for it and hopefully it will become friendly. As for feeling anxious I have found that as I have got older that I can become quite anxious over things which previously would not have bothered me. Maybe it is because i am now on my own and all decision making is something I must do on my own. Mostly life runs pretty smoothly but little hiccups do happen. Take care.