Thursday 29 October 2020


 Aberdeenshire lumped with Aberdeen and in level 2.  Not happy with this as we are in the lowest numbers for having it and dying from it.  Whereas Aberdeen is sadly a lot higher.  And don't forget this is Scotland's level 2 not Boris's.

So I shall not be seeing any of my family for even longer.  Poignant as today my eldest grandchild is 12.  Launched into secondary school.

This was when he was one.   On a side line I was thinking why have I got glasses on?  But of course since then I have now got two bionic eyes having had the cataracts sorted!

Tier 2 does not prevent me from going to the Prom.

So I went.  Mindst you I have gone when it was verboten to travel for exercise.......  

A grey Prom.  Not much wind and though cold I walked.  A struggle even with Oxygen today.

Fishing boats. 

Gull gang preening and abluting.



Curlew.  Turnstone nearest.



The Broch's Banksy!  The cat is appearing all through the town.  Fun for all at Halloween.  This one is on a stone bench on the Prom.


Jackie said...

The Curlew has a lovely long beak.

It does look kind of grey today. Sorry you are in a tier 2 lockdown.

God bless.

Debby said...

This is a hard time for so many people. I have a two year old grand daughter on the other side of the state. It is hard not to be able to go see her when I want. It is a tough time to be someone's grandma, isn't it?

Bovey Belle said...

Sorry the walk was more of a struggle than usual.

Love that photo of the Curlew. We used to see them on the fields above ours, but not for many years now.

Lorraine said...

I am so uplifted by your recent post, Reasons to Be Joyous. Most of my social interactions are conversations with my neighbors who frequently walk past my house or I meet at the shops. Not friends but uplifting just the same.
Thank you for taking the time to write and photo your Scottish life. Best wishes