Monday 26 October 2020

Monday again.

Plenty sun.  Not much wind.  Blimey.

No visitors last night. 

None today either.  Still waiting for District Nurse to come and repeat blood taking for retest.  Perhaps she is waiting for Halloween.

My best friend and fellow artist has been taken into hospital.  Pain in lower abdomen.  Not cancer, not Corona.  So lots of tests and of course no visitors.  We have spoken.  

2nd November I think we find out what tier we are for the lockdown.  I have had text messages and a letter from the Interim Chief Medical Officer as a vulnerable person.  Not to shield thank goodness.  Just do what everyone else has to.

To the Prom.

Thought I had seen it all but no.  Today we had two cars full of people unloading lots of stuff.  Then lighting a barbecue.

So I had a decision to make.  Do I walk past an open flame?  I walked past and then realised the damn thing was lit.  So I walked back giving them a very wide berth and back into the car.

Looks like a warship?  There have been navy ships around recently.  This paddle surfer was way out.

Fishing boats.

It is always good to say hello to people who pass.  The exchange of smiles always lift the spirit.

Seeing the Oystercatchers in the shallows by the rocks always improves the pleasure.

Darkening and stormy skies.

Back home and wondering if there was enough daylight to go down to the Shedudio.

Enough to watch the sunset.  Brought the bag of card making stuff back up into the house.  Need to set up the Christmas card making production line!

Then the moon rose.

Night night.


Jackie said...

I am glad you are not having to shield as of yet. Hopefully it does not come to that.

Good going on giving the people BBQing a wide berth.

God bless.

Marjorie said...

As always thank you for the pix. I would think it is a hazard to have a barbecue in that area. Is there a picnic spot there? Thank you for the oystercatchers. We have had more snow again. Farewell Fall. Hugs.

Bovey Belle said...

Not an ideal day for a BBQ but perhaps it was someone's birthday. At least you were able to give them a wide berth.

I hope your best friend is well again soon.

Good luck with the Christmas Card production line.

Born and Bred said...

Jill, nearly fell off my chair at your sense of humour. (waiting for Halloween). Great to see you still retain a fantastic sense of humour. Great photos as usual. Hugs o you and Weave.

hart said...

Your usual beautiful photographs.