Tuesday 13 October 2020

A Busy Day.

Tuesday the carer lands at 10.30.  Today was one I love and hadn't seen for a while.  So lots of chat.  She didn't wash my hair as I had the hairdresser in the afternoon.

Lunchtime the door bell went and in came a 'Community Nurse.'  aka District Nurse, who took an armful of blood.  This was for liver and kidney function, Thyroid and blood count.  Blimey.

Results back by Thursday will go to doctor. I can phone for results or wait to be summoned if they find anything needing attention.  Praying they do not find anything needing attention.

After lunch the hairdresser.  More chat.

Red refreshed.

The DP meanwhile was making bread having dug out the breadmaker and made some flapjacks.

Chocolate and Orange flapjacks.  Goodness me.

I was exhausted but we went off to the Prom.  It didn't rain today but it was windy.

I got out of the car and managed the railings although the wind was moving me.

Gulls and a Kite Surfer.  Told you it was windy!

Better weather forecast for tomorrow.  But can you trust it?  Night.


Chris said...

That was a busy day but it sounds like you survived. Hope the results of the tests are good.

Jackie said...

I no longer trust the forecast, it seems to change by the hour.

You were very busy today.

God bless.

Bovey Belle said...

Sounds like you were totally "done and dusted" yesterday. Glad you got some sea air but goodness, I could FEEL the wind in that last photo. 'twas blowy indeed.

Tell the DP those Chocolate and Orange Flapjacks look GOOD.

Jules said...

The flapjack looks sooo tasty. Unfortunately, I still can't tempt Lily away from her favoured basic recipe.
Your hair is looking fabulous. X

Ellen D. said...

Your hair looks so cute! Hope your test results are good.