Saturday 10 October 2020


The return of the moronic anonymous commentator.  I published her comment on yesterdays post.  Obviously does not read the blog before having a go.  We did phone the surgery..... they sent the para medic as that is who does their home visits.......  etc etc.  Moronic.

Well it rained again today.  


My view through the windscreen.  

Out of my window a Kite Surfer over the sea.

Our photographs and paintings went off this morning to be displayed in the shop windows.

I sent six paintings, mounted and cellophane wrapped.  I did not want to chance any framed with glass for safety reasons.  I also provided stands for them to be displayed on.  Be interesting to find which shop window mine are in.  And the DPs photographs.

Our town of Fraserburgh is great on Community.

I am working on a timetable for my day.  Unless I am more careful I will be sliding into the pit of depression.  I refused the drugs offered, but would be interested to hear from anyone who has used them and whether they were of benefit.

The Badger  sometimes 2 and a few cats and a mouse ! are still visiting.  Still pleased.  Badgers do not hibernate but slow down.  The DP is watching tonight's visitor clearing the peanuts we proved, has already cleared the apples.

Finger crossed I get out of the car tomorrow and walk.


Mum said...

My fingers are crossed as well as my toes!

mamasmercantile said...

The art trail sounds wonderful. I do hope you manage to sell some of your work.