Monday 19 October 2020

Struggle day.

 No Idea why.  It rained heavily. Humidity?  Possible.  The DP took his car across the field to B our garage man.  Service and MOT.  He walked back across the field.  Drove on the road to B's garage.

We tried the winter timetable.  So after lunch it was to the Prom.  Still raining.

I had the water proof/ wind proof trousers on.  They are for golfers.  But they are ace for me.  My bottom half stays dry and warm.  The coat sorts out the top half of me.  I made it to the railings.  

Plenty adult surfers.  A few smaller ones.  Waiting for the waves.  Now not sure I ever shared this with you but many years ago I too was a surfer.  When I was nineteen late 1960s I did a year working in Cornwall in the Polzeath Hotel.  Behind the bar.  

Polzeath in its hey day.  Our hotel was this side of the bay but more to the right near the top of the hill.  When everyone had left the beach and it was dark we surfed.  Phosphorescence sparkling around us from the sea.  Just wonderful.  I wasn't much good at surfing but it was fun.

Lot colder up here where I am now.  But all wear wet suits and you can get them for summer and winter.  In Cornwall I only had half a wet suit.  Top half with short bottoms.  Happy Days.

Mackerel boat.

The surf finally got up.

Back home and to the Shedudio.  Still raining and gloomy.  So daylight lamp on and continued with the Oystercatchers.  Watching the birds at the feeders in between.

No Badgers last night but Samuel Whiskers has been taking all the peanuts.  Hopefully he is also taking what we have given just for him.

The DP's car was returned this evening.  How good is that!  One of the kids will deliver the bill.  Then I do a  bank transfer.  Socially distancing done.  Oh forgot to mention the car will have been wiped down with anti whatever it is before and after.

Then a facetime or whatever it is called with third daughter her two kids and partner .  Lovely.

I do think the whole country should have a brief lockdown as they are doing in Wales.  They should not have done it on their own as I dont think it will work.  I dread it.  But do think the whole country should to make it work.  But then the clown in England - well. 

Night night.


busybusybeejay said...

Love the idea of the waterproof trousers.We are hoping that our lockdown works.Totally agree with it.I just hope everyone complies.I bet seeing your daughter and family really lifted your spirits.Barbarax

Tom Stephenson said...

A lock-down for me now would be the difference between a slow death and a fast one.

The Furry Gnome said...

We all have great stories of our youth! But I never tried surfing.

kjsutcliffe said...

Yes - the clown. It just beggars belief. sigh.