Tuesday 6 October 2020

Pace Yourself.

Many times I have been told to pace myself.  I try.  My chariot was given to me by Occupational therapist to slow me down!  Instead of leaping up and charging off then collapsing in a heap as I cannot breathe I was taught to grab the handles and walk slowly.  And breathe.  Pacing.

I try to apply this pacing to my life.  I make sure I allow plenty time to do things, get to somewhere, be ready for visitors and so on.  Otherwise anxiety sets in and guess what - I can't breathe.

When my personal carer arrives all my clothes she has to put on me are ready in the right order.

Now we have cleaners every two weeks.  From past experience I know cleaners do not tidy stuff they clean.  So cleaners are due to arrive at 1.30.p.m. and I make sure all is ready. I tidy everything away so they can just crack on and clean.  As they arrive I go down to the Shedudio away from dust and let them get on.  

Today they arrived at 12.30 while we were still having lunch. And there were still bits I had not cleared away.  The DP closed the kitchen door where we eat lunch but within a short time we can both taste the raised dust and he opens the outside door and the patio door but I start to cough and cannot stop and we are both worried.  And I cannot breathe.

The cleaners are here for an hour.  I twice explained why they should be here at the later time and they roll their eyes and say they will tell the office but carry on.

I am exhausted and worry I am being a wimp.  The cleaners leave.  The added annoyance is they have turned the loo roll round and put a triangular pleat in it.  I can laugh now!

Never needed the Prom so badly. 

Big boat sends little boat to do the shopping?!

The bay is full of surfers of all ages and abilities.

I managed a walk.  Leaning on the railings and breathing in the sea air.  Pacing myself.

Sorry to offload on you.  But just trying to pace myself why oh why am I not allowed to do this by people not listening to what I say.


Tink said...

Hotel toilet roll :-)

vic said...

It's certainly understandable that your frustration level rises in situations like this. Must be a lot like beating you head against a wall and getting no reaction.

One would think that people working in the helping field would be better versed in the difficulties that their clients are dealing with and so more able to really be helpful. Of course every client is different and not having the same helper person each time makes "educating" them a never ending process.

marlane said...

So sorry that you have to put up with such disrespect.

Jackie said...

So sorry the cleaners came before you were ready and caused you problems. I think you should phone the head office and let them know.

God bless.

Gail, northern California said...

Offload all you like. How else are we to know you? Why do I find that pink surfboard absolutely priceless? Continue filling your heart with images like that.

Sue in Suffolk said...

Thank goodness for the prom.
Hope today is better

Fifitr said...

Sorry you're having such a tough time. I imagine it's hard for some people to understand just how challenging things can be for you; if you're fit and healthy it would be easy to think 'how can a bit a dust be such a problem?' and not really understand how it can affect you. There are so many times when, as a youngster, I remember thinking 'stop being so feeble' or just not believing that someone couldn't do what for me was easy and commonplace, if they just tried harder. Now I am old and coming apart at the seams I have a great deal more empathy and I suspect that is how it is for a lot of people - unless you're dealing with something that's touched you or someone you know, you just don't think about how your actions can impact on other people most of the time. I know there have been many times when I haven't, if I'm being honest. All I can suggest practically is prepare food on cleaning days that's portable, and if they turn up early sling it in a bag and take off to the prom!

mamasmercantile said...

Hope you are feeling better, not a good day!

Lynn Marie said...

I feel for you. It is frustrating and anxiety provoking to explain something so important and obvious and to be ignored. Will it help you to remember that you are the boss of this situation? You are allowed to tell them to come back at the correct time without explanations other than you are not ready for them because they are too early. I worked as a cleaner for many years and would not have thought to show up an hour early. I know that we Americans have a different perspective on customer service, but still, especially working with elderly clients, these details are important.

Ellen D. said...

You have many challenges that you are bravely working through and I can see why added frustrations must annoy you. I think you are correct that a scheduled time should be respected and kept to. Glad you got to the Prom - it is a saving grace for you!

Chris said...

I shouldn't laugh, but our ex cleaner did the same to our loo rolls too, but failed to damp dust window sills as I had asked.. We do it ourselves now and say what a good job when we left school we both went into jobs that taught us how to clean, me a nurse and Dh went into the navy.. so our toilets gleam just as he was taught!

Bovey Belle said...

fifitr hit it on the head - make a packed lunch on cleaning day and if they arrive early, you depart for the prom. Sorry you had such a bad day and I certainly empathise with the coughing and not being able to breathe. I hope it is a one-off and your dear man has given the Management HELL.

Somewhere round about said...

Utterly infuriating!