Friday 16 October 2020

Friday day 2 garden .

Not impressed to hear the garden team shouting to each other at just past 8a.m!

My anxiety levels went through the roof.  Despite telling them the drive was full on Friday mornings, our two cars plus the carers, we had van and trailer on drive and another van in the field gate way across the lane.   

The DP phoned the care company and cancelled the carer.  

They cracked on.

Very pleased with the pond.  We now have to get some plants for it.  There are escape routes for wildlife.

The path has been extended from the rear patio to the side of the garage.  I can now walk all the way round the house.

I will take more photos tomorrow from other directions but for the moment we are not allowed to walk on the new path and my step out of the kitchen side is a no no at the moment also.

Very pleased.

Once they had gone mid afternoon we escaped to the Prom.

A very grey day.  No wind, no rain, just grey.

Boats including our lifeboat.

The DP on the beach.

I walked.

Painted pebbles.  

Turnstone on the left and Redshank on the right.  Oystercatcher above having a paddle.

Shattered now.



Jackie said...

The yard crew did an awesome job on that path and the pond.

God bless.

mamasmercantile said...

It is all looking wonderful, so sorry it is affecting your stress levels. Hopefully it will be finished soon and you will be able to relax.

Lynda said...

Just catching up on your past few posts. The garden is WONDERFUL! I hope you have some lovely mild weather left this year to enjoy it. And I LOVE your shedio...I need one. It would get my mess out of the house( quilting and rughooking ) and into my own place!
Finally cooler her after some lovely rain. No riding my horse today as he’s had a flu jab, too, and the vet says they need a day off after!

Ellen D. said...

The pond is so nice and it is great that you now have a safe path for getting all around your home. Nice that you go to the Prom and I enjoyed seeing the boats! Thanks!