Friday 23 October 2020


 Back to normal?  Carer visited and am now washed from head to toe.  Hopefully no more hiccups.

Finding it difficult to concentrate as Weaver of Grass my lovely blogging friend has broken her hip and is in hospital.  Hope somebody has rigged her up with access to the internet.  All sending good wishes.

Went down the Shedudio and painted some more on the Oystercatchers.  

Still wet.  Silver sea background liberally salted.  See what its like tomorrow.  But now I am havering.

Can you not imagine these three belting out a Christmas Carol!?

We had our trip to the Prom and it was as I like it.  Not many people.  Not raining, not too windy and the sun breaking through.  So I did my walk and the DP did his.


Sea, beach and lower Prom.

The top Prom where I walk.  I can get down the steps but find it difficult to get back up them.

This area bothers me.  Once our grass cutters return they will just strim this and all the bits of grass will go into the pond.  So I am thinking is it possible to pave here?  Will have to consult the builders.

All set for whoever comes tonight.  No-one did last night.

Badgers like Pumpkin.  Hopefully Hedgehogs can't reach as it is not good for them.  But then we haven't seen one.  Pumpkin has peanuts inside.

We have an aurora at the moment so the DP is alerting his mates and setting up the tripod.  Will show you tomorrow.

Weave I do hope you get to see our blogs and all our good thoughts. xxx


Jackie said...

Sorry to read that your good blogging friend has broken their hip.

God bless.

Sue in Suffolk said...

It certainly is a worry about Pat. She has lots of people wishing her well - hope the positive vibes we are all sending are a help.

Ellen D. said...

Yes, so bad about Pat's broken hip. I left her a message on her blog for when she can check again.
Oh your art is so lovely - there is so much personality in those birds! What a gorgeous day at the Prom - the bright boats and lovely beach! Thanks so much for the pretty pictures!

pat chester said...

I envy you your trip to the prom each day. I lived about 500 yds from the sea front in Holyhead for 7 years, now in Norwich it takes me 45 mins to get to the coast which is not as nice as Holyhead.

Hope Pat is coping alright and that there will be help for her when she returns to her home.

I do love reading your blog and looking at your paintings.

Jules said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Pat. I'm behind with reading and had no idea. Wishing her well. X