Thursday, 22 October 2020


The DP is upstairs having a zoom meeting with the Photographic Society.  He has remembered to shut the door.  So I am not attending!  Or hearing.


No Badger.  A Fox.

We had lots of rain with flooding all around but not here.  The council must have kept up with clearing out the gully up the road as there is no water pouring down our drive and into the garage.

We went to the Prom.  Again there was no rain and not a lot of wind.  Not many people either so I managed my full walk.

The tide was on its way in.  No sea birds on the beach.  Huh.

The Shedudio when we got back.  I was having a sort and trying to decide on this years Christmas card.  I am a bit late this year.  But will get cracking tomorrow and show you what I am doing.  It will involve Oystercatchers!

Previous years.

While I was in the Shedudio this cat appeared outside.

As it got dark it moved up to the area outside the dining room and curled up and went to sleep.  It doesn't look thin or in need.  Hmmm.  We have seen it on the trail camera.  There is no food for cats unless it eats peanuts or apple which I doubt.  Although the fox was eating peanuts!

Aye well.  See you tomorrow.


Chris said...

Maybe the fox has scared off the badger though that seems unlikely! Looking forward to seeing this year's Christmas card.

Marjorie said...

The Christmas Card will be perfect if it has oystercatchers. I can't wait to see it.

Bovey Belle said...

Perhaps Sith has sent you a Replacement : ) Tom cats will travel quite a distance and if he is a good hunter, he will fend for himself. Looks a nice chap.

Christmas here is going to pass by virtually un-noticed this year I think! I need to write out the essential Christmas cards for older members of the family and wrap up edible presents for a very Aged Aunt (96) and get them away before they are packed up with our worldly possessions! Good luck with your Christmas card design.

Glad you were able to have your full walk today.

Jean said...

Glad you avoided the flooding this time. Cats seem to choose who they want.

Just Because said...

Beautiful Christmas Cards! I am looking forward to seeing the 2020 card.

Maybe a cat has found you? Interesting when life presents an option like that?

Keep on with your wonderful pictures of the Prom, please? It fulfills my need to see the ocean and dream of being there myself and breathing in the salty air.