Saturday 3 October 2020


 The fall was metaphorical.  Or rather it was mental rather than physical.  We Brits rarely talk about our own mental health do we?  Well mine is bad at the moment.  I am now climbing back up with the help of the DP and my family.

On the up side are the visits from the Badgers.

We have had lots of rain.  Overnight and most of today.  And so it will continue but forecast to stop tomorrow afternoon.  

Today I did not get my walk as the rain was heavy.

I remained in the car.

Fortunately the DP did walk.

Some grown up surfers.

Lots of Oystercatchers.

And he can take videos too!

Some of my worries and causes of anxiety I am sure many of you experience.  My list of ailments is lengthy but up to Covids appearance were all being monitored and managed by the medical profession.  All that has stopped.  My blood pressure has not been checked.  My breathing ditto.  My liver function ditto.  This has to be done to check the effect of the anti bone crumbling medications I take.  I am still waiting to be called for the flu jab.  Keeping these worries to myself was wrong.  Now shared.  But what to do about it?


Jackie said...

I should be heading in for my yearly physical, but I don't know if the doctor is taking live patients. I did manage to get some blood tests done before the last refill of my prescriptions. I think I am okay on the crumbling bone medication and cholesterol as I never heard back from her.

Hope you can get some results or at least your physician sends you for blood work.

God bless.

Tom Stephenson said...

Oh, I thought it was. Keep going.

Sooze said...

I'm sorry your health matters are not being monitored, Jill...seems ludicrous to me. Here, we are still having health checks, albeit in a different way - phone consultations mostly but attending the surgery when necessary, one person at a time and kitted up with PPE.

Sue in Suffolk said...

My only suggestion is to Nag the doctors to do these checks and keep nagging until they get done.

The Weaver of Grass said...

My dear blogging friend - so many in your position including my dear daughter in law with similar problems to you. Having various medical problems and nobody to chat to and have a proper conversation. Keep smiling, keep up your loely painting and I wish you all the best. x

crafty cat corner said...

I know exactly what you are going through Jill.
We are both up and down like yo yo's. It's hard when you are dealing with health problem to keep positive especially when you feel that you have been forgotten.
We got in touch with the Respiratory nurse the other day about the oxygen and her parting phrase was 'I'll get back in touch in 3 months time' not very reassuring is it.
We find that our jigsaw's take us out of the worrying mode.
The weather doesn't help either, yesterday Tom had a horrible day obviously due to the damp weather, bit better today thank goodness.
Hugs from Brighton

Anonymous said...

Meeting your friend in the studio - this is classed as being indoors regardless of how many doors and windows are open.

But are you likely to adhere to the rules? Of course not, in the past your jaunts to the PROM testify to that.

You don't want to adhere to the rules yet you are quick to send for the paramedic when you want something done. Personally I would have rung my local surgery to ask them to find out about the various tests, not expect a trained paramedic to do it.