Sunday 25 October 2020


 Ah the extra hour in bed.  Wonderful.  Although not much different to other mornings.  Just less guilt!

The Badger returned.

Another strange cat visitor.

Trying to get used to the change in daylight hours I realised the trip to the Prom had to be earlier.

One boat and a darkening sky.

So cold with a bitter wind.

Lots of space.

Overload of Oystercatchers!

Gull Gang up by the Kessock Burn.  I managed half a walk before giving in and heading back to the car to get warm.

On the way home we saw the sun setting.

And said goodnight to the Highland Coos at the top of our road.

Goodnight and special thoughts to Weaver.


Chris said...

Just curious to know when the sun is setting in your neck of the woods, Jill. We haven't turned the clocks back yet but it is dark by 6:00 at the moment.

Gail, northern California said...

Yes, special thoughts for Weaver. I'm hoping her son will post an update for her many followers. She's such a lovely lady.

Jackie said...

Where I live we never change our time. Good in a way, I never get confused as to whether I turn time forward or back.

God bless.

Jules said...

I love your new visitor. He looks grumpy, but cute. X