Thursday, 21 December 2017

Winter Solstice.

Internet now zooming along thanks to Alex and the new router.  We have never had it so good on internet connection.  May it last.  My main worry is that the weather currently is fairly good and I wait in some trepidation for it to worsen and that's when the internet connection has been bad.....But so far so good and it hasnt cost us any more money.

So today.  The Winter Solstice.  I look forward to the lengthening day light and more time to paint and draw.

Although markedly colder today it was still fine, no wind and plenty sunshine.  And a Surfer.  Who could.

A small boat coming hame.  Most, if not all of the big boats are tied up in the harbour now for Christmas.

Some lit up for Christmas.  In neighbouring port Peterhead they do a bit more.  In fact every boat is lit up.  Hopefully Fraserburgh is now going to do it also.

In the garden multiple Blue Tits, indeed multiple all the Tits.  But these posed!

And as I did not see one member of the Gull Gang down at the beach I was overwhelmed by the Gull Gangs visiting in the field at the front of the house!


DUTA said...

Good internet connection, longer days, fine weather - this is what we all wish for.
Awsome pictures!

BadPenny said...

Husband is happy that the light days will be longer as he has struggled with work this winter.

Simple Living said...

Glad you have a good connection now.
Beautiful bluetits.

Anonymous said...

beautiful photos! Happy solstice to you,, I have been away from blogging but started back anew, my old blog was I love a cloudy day,, now its changed to In my dream I see, I'm telling you so you might know who I am lol,,, best wishes from Canada to you and Happy Christmas,,

Rosie said...

It makes a huge difference to have good internet connection. Frustration and internet often go hand in hand. I do enjoy your blog and your photos.