Tuesday, 19 December 2017

What a difference a day makes...

...24 little hours.

Sunshine.  No wind.  Temperature above freezing.  YES.

After lunch I was down to the Prom.  It was good that I could walk fairly quickly and not that many stops.  Which made me feel good as the last few days I was beginning to think the end was nigh.  But I was breathing and walking.  Feeling good.

The Oystercatchers flew in and posed beautifully.

Out at sea a Great Black Backed Gull had a take away.

Not so pleasing.

I even took off me hat.

And saw a cat on the rocks below the caravan park!

The DP had earlier spent some time with BT, in Ireland, no longer in Mumbai but in Ireland.  Switching off the router and back on.  At the end of which the chap in Ireland had to admit we still didnt have a good broadband connection.  

So tomorrow we have an engineer visiting between 12 and 3.  However if it turns out to be our fault?  We will have to pay £120 +.  Aye.  

The last engineer we had out some years back said the wires which waft about in all weathers were so old we had no chance.  

And yes we are investigating other suppliers but so far they have not got back to us.  

We are paying for broadband to BT and they are not delivering.  If the wires are wafting about and are obviously reacting to weather we experience as a norm they should sort it.  And they haven't.  Roll on tomorrow.  Another private company who does not invest or help the little people.

Let us see if there is a difference a day makes.


Lynn said...

Glad you felt better walking today. ☺

Anonymous said...

We had a BT engineer call out last week for more or less the same thing. Our TV is also linked (don't ask me, I'm not into all of this stuff, although my husband was an IT manager) and we needed a new BT box even though we'd only had it six months. Because it was the box affecting everything we didn't have to pay.

Joan (Devon)

crafty cat corner said...

My son in Ayr has exactly the same problem with broadband and bt, he has complained and had them out so many times but to no avail, I think he's given up now.
Glad you have had a good day. We are getting used to the same. Sometimes Tom feels quite well and other days he's not so good. It will take a bit of getting used to but we'll cope I'm sure, not a lot else we can do is there?
Finally got the appointment with the Respiratory Clinic for early January so will see what they can do to help.
Hope tomorrow is a good day again for you.

Born and Bred said...

What a wonderful photo of yourself, red hair and wrapped in pink. You look well despite the annoyance of your Internet Provider. Must be the pleasant and enjoyable walk, and the Gull Gang.

BadPenny said...

Good you had a nice walk, not so good about the Internet and the bird with plastic, sad.

Rosie said...

Good to hear you had a nice walk. Hope you get good news with BT. Take care.