Friday, 1 December 2017


Great problems.  We are with BT.  This comes into us on very old wiring to the telephone.  We are currently in discussion with some company who do wireless connection.?  I am not sure.  Today has been horrendous.  I have not been able to connect to anything.

So quickly I did not go for a walk.  I had a fellow artist visit.  I bought a painting.

I am exhausted.

My new chariot bling.


crafty cat corner said...

I think I've told you that my son lives in Ayr. He has big problems with BT and the internet. He's always amazed when he visits to see how fast ours is down here in the south.

Born and Bred said...

I have had a Wireless connection for years and never had a dropout.

Sue in Suffolk said...

You need tinsel!

However much people moan about BT and BT say they are working hard to improve they never seem to get any better, and there are countries in Africa with better internet than UK!

Mum said...

I think you need fairy lights for the festive season. What do you think?