Thursday, 28 December 2017


Rooks, Crows, Jackdaws and Starlings.  Masses of them settling in the field to the front of the house and then en masse going to the field at the rear of the house.  They must have been watching Hitchcock.

I have not walked today.  A fairly normal day in the Winter for North East Scotland.  Wind, rain, hail, snow, temperatures below freezing.  I can cope with this but not all together or just as you think it has eased and the sun comes out, back it comes.  Battering on the windows.  The forecast is for less wind speed tomorrow.  So one less I can cope with the rest and intend to walk.

The birds went up from the fields and lined up on the wires.

There were also masses of Wood Pigeons in the fields.  But they do not line up on the wires.

Today's painting - in ink.  Need to sort out it's pink leg.  More red than that.

I am now itching to get rid of all the Christmas Decorations.  As I always do.  But the DP will not allow, although I have him convinced that 12th night is the 4th - and I do sneak some out before then....  The Christmas Tree from Aldi has done amazingly well and hardly dropped a needle.  It will be turned into photogenic perches for the garden birds and eventually chopped up for the wood burner.

We still have Hogmanay to come.  The Press were claiming today that no-one knows the words for Auld Lang Syne.  Do you?


Chris said...

Well, I think I can get through the first verse, but after that, not so sure!

Anonymous said...

that many birds is a shocking sight isn't it,, your bird is beautiful, as always,, I do know the words,, my grandparents came to Canada from Inverness, so it was something we learned very young.It is minus 27 Celsius and we have about thirty inches of snow right now,, I think I would prefer rain,

vic said...

Should auld acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind. Should auld acquaintance be forgot and days of auld angsyne (sp?)

There's probably more and this is most likely just the refrain.

kjsutcliffe said...

we usually put our tree back out into the garden and the decorations away on new year's day, I have been known to put it all back before that too! I have to say I don't know the words to auld lang syne, but then I have never known them, my other half does and he makes up for my lack! Snowing here now, but rain promised later - yay......... :(

rusty duck said...

Would the DP be very cross if I said I saw a goldcrest this week? It was flitting around a hydrangea bush just below Mike’s study window, a mere five feet from the house. Gorgeous little thing..

BadPenny said...

I don't know all the words ! Our tree is sad because the dehumidifier we need has dried it out, poor tree. I used to leave the decks up until the fifth as we lived in Spain and the fifth is the night of the Kings , a huge celebration.
Now I am sad because my darling daughter has gone to Asia then New Zealand.

justjill said...

Rusty Duck it was a Firecrest the DP was trying to see - and still is....
Bad Penny Your daughter is doing great.x But I know you are sad.
I know the words as I have a book of all Rabbie Burns Poems and they have inspired many a painting!