Friday, 29 December 2017

Oldies versus New Technology and other stuff.

Right I will deal with the New Technology first.  We were gifted by one of our four daughters the latest in the Jurassic Park dvds.  I certainly enjoyed the first three - not sure about the rest - but the latest was on my wish list.  The music by John Williams is so fantastic.  So we sat and the DP pressed all the buttons and it began on our new dvd player.  

In French.  

I will not go into all that he tried for an hour which included a telephone call to the gifting daughter.  The worry is that he does not know what he did for us to be finally watching it in English.

Hopefully I will get to see the rest of it tomorrow.  Although so far it appears to be very silly.

I gave up.

So today my other battle with New Technology was, I think, updating Windows 10.  So before lunch I agreed to do this.  It did say it would take some time.  As I left to go to the Prom and my walk over an hour later we had got to 2% updated.....

At the beach.

This morning there was ice, frost, snow on the ground  But there was no wind.  So I went .  So cold. I could feel my tubes to my lungs shutting down.

Lots of Gulls, Oyster Catcher.

And some daft people.

More Gulls.

When I came home the computer told me there were more updates.  By this time I had lost the will to live.  But basically it wanted me to find out, discover all the wondrous things it had provided me with. So I pressed enter and got back to what I was familiar with.

Basically I cannot remember all my passwords..  And I am quite happy with what I have - without bloody updates.


Chris said...

Two comments: 1. Do you have a Polar Bear swim on New Year's Day? That's when deranged people plunge into 1C water to bring in the New Year. Madness!
2. I was also persuaded to upload Windows 10 some time ago. Then my printer wouldn't work. Turned out it was incompatible with Windows 10. It wasn't even very old! I had to get a new one. Serious madness!

Lynda said...

Ha!!! I'm with you on this.
I've just gone through the same thing with Windows. Took several hours...
And then I tried to delete all the extra stuff they had put on :)) xx

Rosie said...

Yes, the new tech things have me frustrated on a daily basis, but then I wouldn't like to be without it either. A friend doesn't have a computer or any other technology and unfortunately she misses out on a lot of really good things, but what she hasn't got she says she doesn't miss. I like to choose what I want to update as sometimes it is just not worth the hassle.