Sunday 3 December 2017


2017 Christmas Tree.

Gone are the days when we sallied off to the nearest Forestry Commission Site.  Spent a long time selecting and discarding trees.  Ate a hot dog.  Had said tree netted.  Roped it onto the car, always too big.

This year the DP went off to the nearest Aldi, some miles away, and bought the above for £16.99.  British grown.  He then decorated it.  And this year he did an excellent job.  He has also begun placing our other Christmas stuff around.  

I have to say, much as I try to put on a brave face, it pisses me off I cannot do this anymore.  I was particularly breathless today.  

The day of the weekly Alendronic Acid pill becomes more and more a day when I cannot breathe very well, am walking alongside the black dog.  I googled it.  In America research has been done and that pill with people who have COPD and High Blood Pressure has been noted again and again to cause depression.  So I will try to get in to see my g.p. this week.

Now, some photos of the DPs jaunt yesterday .  The three of them did not see the Capercaillies or the Mountain Hares they wanted to.


These were at Loch Garten.  These are wild birds.  But they know when a human comes along there is food in the hand!  Great Tits and Coal Tits.  All of which can be viewed in our garden.  But I have never tried to hand feed any of them.

Mindst you I have never seen three grown men get teary eyed at being so close to the feathered things they love.  Today they have all been looking for a Goldcrest and didnt see that either!


Anonymous said...

I feel the same way about Christmas, Jill.
In the old days, only a few years ago, I would make my own pickled onions, green tomato chutney and sometimes mincemeat especially for Christmas. Do all the shopping, both food and presents. I loved buying stocking fillers, anything quirky and fun. Decorating the house etc.
Now, I have to take a back seat and rely on my husband to buy the presents. Obviously he doesn't make the pickled onions etc. To me there isn't much fun in Christmas, not the preparations anyway.

Joan (Devon)

rusty duck said...

I’ve never been able to hand feed wild birds either. The nearest I got was the pheasant. And some geese once, until one took a bite out of me. Perhaps a robin would be a good candidate. Worth a try?

Chris said...

Oh, that is so adorable! I wish I could get birds to eat from my hand. Maybe not using the correct treat.
Sorry to hear you are not up to Christmas decorating. I got my grandkids to haul up the artificial tree from the basement and, other than starting the lights, they decorated the whole thing. See my blog for their efforts.

e said...

I'm sorry about the medication. I hope your GP acts quickly. The tree is lovely.

Lynda said...

Beautiful bird photos, and your tree looks lovely!

Hope you are feeling better tomorrow. xx

kjsutcliffe said...

I know I'll not get my birds to eat from my hand, the cats and dog would want to watch too (a bit to closely) When we are in the summerhouse they (cats) watch avidly - they'd use binoculars if they could, but they dont, so they instead gnash and natter and whisker rattle. Sorry re alendronic acid - definitely get it sorted xx