Sunday, 24 December 2017

Christmas Eve.

Mild.  It rained.  It stopped.  I walked.

Oh look I walked as far as the Dunes!.

But I drew the line for walking up  the path of Doom.

The Oystercatchers were gathered.

Posing ready for me to draw and paint.

There was surf.  And surfers.

Who seemed to know what they were doing.

As they enter the sea they do warm up exercises, which I always forget/ignore for my pulmonary exercises.  They run on the spot and then run into the sea.

Thought this might be interesting for you all.   Below is the caravan park.  Above that are the boats out for dry dock repairs.  Where they see to the bottoms of the fishing boats.  Which is why you see them way up.  Fish factories to the right and left and the caravans/statics below.

I have read recently that the reason why artists lose their  flow is down to not decluttering their workspace.

Well-I have to take that on board.

Hey ho tis Christmas Eve.    


DUTA said...

There's a general belief (which regards not only artists), that clutter brings bad luck. I often think of that as I'm not very good at decluttering. Hope it's just a superstition.
Your pictures are very good!

rusty duck said...

Happy Christmas Jill.
Feet up. Let it happen around you and enjoy the odd glass. Cheers!

Chris said...

Love the oystercatcher photos, they are very photogenic. I can see why you like to paint them!

crafty cat corner said...

I think its correct about not flowing when your work space is cluttered, I always feel better when I have a tidy up. Doesn't take long for it to get messed up again though, lol

Mum said...

And it's Christmas Day now so no work until at least the 27th. Perhaps the 28th if you've 'made merry'!