Sunday, 26 January 2020

We did the Prom after lunch.  I had the same problems with the cannula coming away from where it should be....  Tomorrow I am going to try the one the hospital gave me and which I used there with no problem.  If it works I shall then feel I can go independently.  The DP will be relieved.

As you can see it was wet.  Heavy rain.  Eased for a while so I got out of the car connected to the oxygen and walked to the railings and it came out.  See what happens tomorrow.

Small boat.

Good job the DP was with me today.

Big boat.

Gulls on the water.

Oystercatchers in flight.

Turnstones having a bath.

A very smart dog.

The end of the day we were sitting watching a very spooky Father Brown which was about evil imps and clairvoyants and lots of dead bodies when the electric went off.

We had the woodburner lit and the DP got the torches.  Our landline phones dont work without electric.  I have a number to call on my mobile phone.  So I did and was informed the electric would be back on by 11 at the latest.  It had already come back on while I was mid phone call.  But I hung on and got a person and reported myself as being on oxygen.  So now thats done so I will get priority and if its a long power cut they will apparently get in the Red Cross!  Not sure what they do - pedal a generator?


Beacee said...

Just catching up with the last few posts. It's great that you are mobile again. When my Dad was on oxygen he was recommended to use KY jelly as lip balm as moisturiser. The district nurses also used certain creams on his body (he was bed-fast) - perhaps your practice nurse can advise you.

Laurie said...

Good to be prepared!

Jackie said...

Good for you in persisting with the cannula. I hope the one from the hospital fits the bill and stays where it should be.

God bless.

mamasmercantile said...

Hope your canulla issue is resolved soon so that your are confident and able to take a walk on your own. Glad there is a back up plan in the event of a power cut or is it that you become a priority?

Margaret Butterworth said...

Your posts remind me of 50 years ago when my grandfather, suffering from emphysema, had oxygen tanks delivered to the house. These were big and heavy and taken upstairs to his bedroom. He had to lie down to use the oxygen. So, things have moved on a bit - but there was less paraphernalia to worry about in those days.

I'm also reminded of "The Fault in Our Stars". This is a film and a book about two teenagers with different forms of cancer who fall in love "with one foot in the grave". The girl goes everywhere with her portable oxygen. i first watched it on a long haul flight - not a great start to a holiday.

Jules said...

It sounds as though you were well prepared for your power cut, and at least your electricity wasn't down for long. I hope you soon get the hang of the cannula. X

crafty cat corner said...

A bit frustrating having bother with the cannula but I'm sure you will work it out.