Saturday, 11 January 2020


Very gloomy start to the day.

The DP was away to buy bird food this morning.

After lunch we first went to the Harbour.  By the wall we had to look over was a Great Northern Diver.

Which was asleep.....

I went back to the car but the DP hung around and it woke up.

Then we went to the Prom.

The weather had brightened up.  

There were three Oystercatchers.  Then more came.

A solitary Redshank joined them.

Container Ship on the horizon.

I walked.  Much warmer today.  No wind - that came later!  

Thankyou for the advice on providing myself with breakfast.  Having COPD is like breathing through a straw.  Try it.  Whether I get supplied with Oxygen to counteract the failure of the right hand side of my heart before the DP's op I doubt.  

I have never been nearer stopping blogging.


crafty cat corner said...

This makes me hopping mad. We have the same problem here where nobody seems to get their finger out to help. Like you say, breathing with lung problems is something people in general do not understand. Just what its like to not be able to get a breath. I understand because I watch Tom struggling with his breathing.
We were told that the Respiratory people were there 7 days a week for us but when you ring up for advice there is no one there. The doctors often look mystified when we say he has IPF and have to be reminded what it is.
How much faith can we put in them?
I really hope that they get their act together and get you your oxygen soon, from what I read it makes a huge difference.
Good luck

kjsutcliffe - artist said...

Folk who have never had or never known a COPD sufferer just do not know how debilitating it is. Hang in there Jill - we all mean well and care for you - all I can suggest that is you make a bit a stink about being concerned for your welfare with your doctor to ensure you are not forgotten when it comes to the O2 support. Your doctor should be working on your behalf

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

I hope you will not stop blogging. I feel guilty about being such a lurker because you inspire me to try to do more! And I am sure you are not the only person so inspired. I wish you many joys every day, joys that may give you some comfort. You do live in a beautiful place.

Chris said...

I love when you post a photo of the Redshanks - such a descriptive name.

RunNRose said...

I would be some disappointed if you stopped blogging. I am a follower but don't comment often. I had to go back and find the comments that would have caused you to be upset. No trouble to see why you would feel as you do. I don't have experience with COPD, but have several family members with chronic asthma. Not being able to breathe is a definite hindrance! I enjoy your blog. Love the beauty of the beach. Have been amazed by your painting. I won't tell you what has surprised me, because then my ignorance would be exposed!!! Wishing you good days ahead from my boring place in Texas,

Laurie said...

Oh my gosh I know you must be suffering and yet you keep your humour, a brave woman, I hope they get their act together and provide the help you need, my heart breaks for you, it must be so hard, take care,

busybusybeejay said...

Could one of your children help out?Surely providing an oxygen supply is not that difficult.Good luck.Barbarax

Jackie said...

People do not understand the problems that COPD cause. Please do not stop blogging I love your pictures and the fact that you never give up.

God bless.

Mollysmum said...

So sorry that such simple tasks would be Beyond your capability due to your restricted breathing. I commend you on your daily trips to the p.rom and hope that with oxygen treatment life will become easier for you. Your DP sounds like such a great support, you are very lucky to be able to rely on his help.

Angela said...

Jill, I always read your blog, and 'enjoy' your words. (But have never left a comment) Severe chronic illnesses take their toll - on yourself and your husband. When you have had a 'bad' day, I always have to check that you have a 'better' day the following post. Being reliant on others is not easy, and from my own experience as a giver of care in the past, and now a reciever of care, common curtesy goes a long way. Do what is best for you, but be aware your words and views are valued. Angela, Australia

Amanda said...

Your critics are clueless. Like you, I have chronic lung disease. People who don't have absolutely no idea how having COPD, emphysema, pulmonary hypertension, and the like can turn what for most people are small routine things into a very big and all to often a day-wrecking ordeal. I wound up in the hospital 3 times in 6 weeks weeks late last year, spent a month in a nursing home, and am just starting to get out of the house. I vicariously enjoy your daily walk and love your photos.

Sue in Suffolk said...

NO! don't stop blogging. - I love your sea photos.
Keep nagging for that Oxygen and ignore people who comment who haven't got a clue about debilitating conditions

mamasmercantile said...

My father has COPD and is often confined to bed suffering and gasping for his every breathe so I understand what you are going through. You are one courageous lady and to be admired for your strength and artistic talent. Long may you blog.

Irene said...

Hi Jill, first time commenting. I love looking at your photos, I admire your strength and hope you don't stop sharing. I think you are special. Thank you.