Thursday, 30 January 2020

Nothing is easy.

Some time ago my Social Services Care Manager told me to contact her re any extra care.  We have been trying to contact her all day.  At one point I contacted the care providers and was promised a phone call back after 2 p.m.  Not happened.  On Monday morning the DP is booked in for a biopsy on his prostate at 9. 20.  This means he leaves the house at 8 a.m.  So we were trying to arrange for a carer to come in and do my breakfast.  I despair.

We went to the Prom after lunch as normal.

Helps to switch off.

Out of the car and on the oxygen.  Walked to the railings.  Very cold biting wind.  So no walk.  Just looked.

One of the very big fishing boats out on the horizon.

Wind turbines and Tiger Hill.

The Gull Gang.

Latter two taken by the DP as the Oystercatchers flew in after I had got back into the car.  Frozen.

He also took this Redshank by the rocks.

The youngest child has offered to come up from Edinburgh on the train on Sunday.  But needs to go back on the Monday.  This would involve the DP travelling into Aberdeen twice and one of the outs ins and outs after having an uncomfortable operation.  We need to discuss and have another go tomorrow to get the care sorted.  Does not help me at all.  Anxiety big time.  Sorry to offload.


No Roots said...

I wonder if you could buy a mini fridge for your bedroom and perhaps temporarily move a microwave up there onto a cupboard top? Set up a little table?
Argos sell little fridges, the very little ones are only good for occasional use. The wine coolers are a much better prospect. Been there!

Kathy said...

So sorry to hear you are having problems contacting your carers agency. I think this is a Nation wide problem, not helping your illness at all. If I didn't live the end of the Country I would have been delighted to pop in and get you your breakfast, I hope you get this sorted very soon. Will be thinking of your dear hubby and hope his procedure goes well with a good outcome. Take care.

Jean said...

I can understand why you are anxious. Hope it all works out ok. I have had similar problems trying to contact social services and the car providers. Nobody ever phones back when you leave a message.

Jan said...

I'm wondering if you're also feeling anxious at DP being away from home?
Could he leave something for your breakfast on the table ready for you? Even if it's not what you would usually have it would mean you had something. If it was ready on the table or wherever you usually eat, you wouldn't have to get it yourself. Would that be helpful? Muesli perhaps, put in your bowl ready for you. Or ready buttered rolls. Hardboiled eggs already cooked and peeled. Even a bacon sandwich if you wouldn't mind eating it cold.

crafty cat corner said...

Don't be sorry to offload. I know what it's like and how frustrating things can be. we were told we could get the respiratory people 7 days a week and were given the number to call, every time you call there is an answer machine, we've given up on them.
Hope it all gets sorted satisfactorily for you.

Jackie said...

I do hope you can get things arranged.

God bless.

Jules said...

I hope you manage to get your care issues sorted. Sadly, these companies are notorious for their poor management. X

The Weaver of Grass said...

A trouble shared is a trouble halved we always say so pleased don't apologise.

Dahlia88 said...

Such a worry for you both. Are you a fan of toast? Wonder if the toaster could be temporarily moved to your bedroom with a little tray of bread, butter and jam? Always a comforting breakfast with a mug of tea. Hope you come up with a solution. Best wishes.

Bovey Belle said...

I can tell you are worried. Having your breakfast all laid out for you sounds like a plan. Perhaps a thermos of tea made up and put near you too, so all you have to do is pour it out? Or if you have one of those handy hot drinks containers, just poured into that and staying hot until you drink it (my husband has one of these and the tea stays hot for several hours - we use it when we go to Malvern). I hope you can get your carer in to help anyway. I am sure that the biggest worry is your husband's biopsy. (((BIG))) Hugs to you.

mamasmercantile said...

How frustrating, I really do hope you managed to get hold of them. My only suggestion is a flask. Hope all goes well with DP. Take care.

Helensmum said...

I don't comment often. I love hearing about where you live and your artwork.
People possibly mean well but they don't live with COPD. I have well managed asthma,I get winded when I have a cold,can't imagine your situation. How very kind of a friend to help.
Thinking of you,

Ann Marie