Sunday, 5 January 2020


Breathing still a struggle.  I am at the docs on Tuesday for regular blood pressure check.  Will ask if someone can advise me and on still not received letter from consultant re heart scan.

Dry, not much wind but cold.  I didnt walk other than to the railings as I am so exhausted from breathing, it tires me out.

Two small boats.  The second full of line fisher people.  Either they weigh a lot or there are swells out in the sea.

Quite a few Surfers.  Here is one.

Quite a few Oystercatchers.  Well spread out.

All the Christmas bling has gone from the house.  The tree in a pot outside and will be liberally festooned with bird seed.  Cards sorted into recycling less the glittery ones.  The Santas gone into a cupboard upstairs hopefully without mice or short tailed voles. 

And breathe.


busybusybeejay said...

It must be so difficult for you with your breathing.It there nothing that can be done eg oxygen?

Bovey Belle said...

Sorry that you are still struggling so with your breathing. I hope that the visit to the Dr's gets something sorted for you.

Jackie said...

I am sorry to read you are still struggling with your breathing. I so hope they can do something to alleviate the problem.

God bless.

kjsutcliffe - artist said...

Our festive clutter has gone too - makes the house seem a lot tidier, bigger and less twinkly :( especially at the moment as we seem to be stuck under permanent cloud and drizzle - really fed up with this driech weather. Hope you get your O2 cylinder asap - will make your life easier x

mamasmercantile said...

Finally managed to get all the Christmas decor down and stored away. Hope all goes well with your appointment with the doctor.

Jean said...

Hope your breathing gets easier. That boat looks precarious.