Saturday, 18 January 2020

Saturday in Scotland.

Strong winds and rain.  On the way to the Prom it hailed heavily wipers on full throttle.

The DP was out of the car and off.  I sat a while and debated but then got out.  The rain had stopped and the wind lessened.

The only space for the blue badge driver was at the far end near the caravan park.  But that's where all the birds were so I was happy!


Grampian Don.

Fishing boat.

The Prom buildings.  

Nature's contribution.

I am hoping to hang on before Wednesday when I go to ARI for the consultation or whatever with the oxygen team.  I have been so near to giving in to my greatest fear which is to be taken in to hospital rather than walking in.  So far I - and a glass of wine - are winning.  And I will sleep in my own bed tonight.  Night night.


terry said...

I am worried that you will wait too long! My very close friend was close to collapse prior to starting oxygen and suffered needlessly. I hesitated many days to say anything but hope you do not take offense.

justjill said...

Terry I do not take offense. I do not know what to do.

wherethejourneytakesme said...

As Terry above says don't hang on too long if you think you might not make it until Wednesday. No point in putting yourself in a worse positon because whether you are taken in or walk in the objective is to hopefully get some relief for your breathing.
Good luck with your decision. x

Sue in Suffolk said...

I don't know what to say but sending ((hugs))

Laurie said...

Please take control of your destiny, dont wait, please ,

kjsutcliffe - artist said...

hang in there Jill, insist (as best you can), take the DP make sure he insists too when you go the oxygen team. Dont let them fob you off, xx

mamasmercantile said...

Thinking of you and sending you a hug.