Saturday, 4 January 2020


Youngest child went home today.  The DP dropped YC off at park and ride.  From there to Aberdeen train station.  Train to Dundee.  Had to get on a bus as train track non existent as being repaired.  This missed the train connection..... Eventually got on a slow train to Edinburgh.  But back home now.  Before they left I was put into my car and drove to the Prom.

Wet and misty.

People and Gulls on the beach.  The Gulls are Black Headed in winter plumage.  No black heads.

There were quite a few surfers but I couldn't photograph them through the mist.  Just this one who was coming out.

A few Oystercatchers by the caravan park rocks.

And now - a bit of fun.

Some reason I cannot get the video to play.  So might have to do it again tomorrow.  Let me know if you can.  Now published and its working.  Apologies for dressing gown on view.  Not intended.  But DP has no shame!!    Whereas I do,  anyway this is my siren.



Dragonfly Dreams said...

Love your new noisemaker! Positive vibes to you from Colorado!

wherethejourneytakesme said...

I will listen out for you - the beginning sounded a bit like an exterminator!

vic said...

Love the siren. My husband needs one of those for his bike. He rides in to the University almost every day and could use this to get those pesky students out of his way.

Mary Bolton said...

That siren beats a bicycle bell!!

Chris said...

A somewhat dismal day with you, I see. Not cold though? Love the siren!

Jackie said...

What a misty day. I hope you didn't get too damp on your trip to the prom.

Love the siren.

God bless.

Jules said...

Love the siren.
We've enjoyed a beach walk here this afternoon. It was damp and blustery but blew away the cobwebs and I enjoyed the post walk hot chocolate even more for it. X

mamasmercantile said...

What fun the siren is.

janipi said...

The prom looks good even in the mist. The siren is fantastic. I could do with one for my bike :)