Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Windy Wednesday.

Tomorrow will be far worse.  Wind speed is 35 mph gusting to 50 mph.

Today the wind was, well, windy.  I went down the steps again.  Now I can do it, well for now I can do it, I shall do so.  The wind is mainly off shore so on the lower level not so strong.  

The fishing boat returning to harbour has very appropriate colours .  Today is the day Fraserburgh meet with Rangers for the delayed football game.  Delayed as the pitch was then frozen solid.  Fraserburgh strip is black and white!  The town has black and white every where.  Every shop window, they even had permission to hoist their flag in the town centre, I doubt they will win.  But you never know.  They once beat Dundee, I think I was about 8.

So where were you when I was doing the Garden Bird Watch?

Earlier in the day, after my walk, I called in to T***o as I had bought my mobile phone from them.  The phone has decided it will no longer send text messages.  "Send failed."  Apparently this is to do with my provider, Virgin, rather than the phone.  So I went online to them.  I had to go to my account.  Put in my email address then a password.  Could I remember my password, NO.  Most I have written down but not this one.  So I pressed I had forgotten my password and it said it would send me a code to my phone.  So at that point I realised it wasnt having anything to do with texts at all.  

Tomorrow I will phone them , on the land line, and cancel the whole shebang.  And then back into T***o and go with them.  I would far rather deal with a human being.  As I cannot walk outside, the wind being above gale force, I will have a walk round in the shop too.  And no I will not be getting a phone that does everything.  All I want is to be able to phone for help, dial 999, 101, or whatever.  And text.  


Anonymous said...

beautiful photos as usual, I always say that lol, but its true. I love how your town gets involved to support the football game! That is a beautiful Pheasant and yes where was it hiding the other day!!!
I hope you get your phone straightened out,,

Nancy J said...

Hi I hopped to you from the blog list on Kamo Lady's blog, ( Susan Lee) . My Mum was born in Cambuslang, south of Glasgow, and came to New Zealand when she was 6, in 1909. My Grandfather had come here 2 years earlier, and started a tailoring factory, saving money for their boat journey. He was told by his Dr he had to leave and move to a better climate. Not sure but it might have been asthma, and heart problems too. I remember my Gran telling me about playing " Chucky Stones " in the Clyde. It must have been an ordeal, on the boat in rough weather, a long trip, with my Mum, and her younger sister and brother. I so enjoy reading your posts. Take care on the icy footpaths. Fond greetings from Jean in NZ.