Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Fraserburgh Beach today. 2.01.2018.

I am just practising - 2018 -so I get it right when writing cheques, which I do not do much as it is all internet banking.

Cloudy, overcast and wet.  But I have a waterproof, windproof coat and ditto trousers.  So I ploughed up the prom.

As did this bloke.  Shorts and a tee shirt. ?  Really?

And a Surfer.

The DP had been on an RSPB jaunt to the Ythan which is a birders delight and a seal watchers .

When I showed him the photos I had taken above he told me this was a Mediterranean Gull.  A twitchers dream.  Ha.  So off he went.  To the beach.  By which time it had gone. BUT what he did see and these are his photographs....

A Whooper Swan!  In the sea and then on the beach.  Whooper Swans come here in numbers every autumn.  Not normally seen on the beach though.  Or in the sea.

His trip to the Ythan Estuary also provided these,

The seal 'haul out'.

And a young seal being curious.

Long lenses used on the seals as these are protected so viewing is done from some distance.  So as not to disturb them.

We are so lucky to be able to see the birds and beasts of this area.  Mutual respect.  I hope.


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh,, some great sightings!!!!

crafty cat corner said...

what is the difference in a Mediterranean gull?
Blowing a hooley down here tonight.

DUTA said...

The sea looks ominous to someone like me who doesn't live by the sea and is not keen on visiting its beaches.
The birds in your pictures look lovely!

baili said...

lovely blog and beautiful images my friend,may your new year be great and safe ,amen

R's Rue said...