Friday, 19 January 2018


It is a good job the DP was crashing round this morning as otherwise I dont think I would have woken up!

But I did.  But been moving around in a total haze.

Hey ho.  Still so cold.  Nothing melted.  

Still sheet ice on the Prom.  I have been advised to get these.

Well I probably will.  But the lack of doesnt help now.  So again a short walk as most of the Prom is still frozen.  And slippy.

Also very high tides.  This apparently, information from the know it all DP, is because we have no moon at the moment.  Which is very close to us i.e. Earth.  So big moons and no moons means we have high tides. 

So there is not enough room for my Gull Gang to get onto the beach.  So they are all sitting out in the sea.

Fishing boat returning home.

The Fraserburgh Lifeboat also returning home.  They have been going up the coast looking for a man who has gone missing.  He is 90 years old.  Lived alone.  Walked every day.  Hasnt been seen now for some time.  The police have been out with dogs walking where he was known to walk.  They have had a helicopter up too.  Now the Lifeboat.  I just hope someone has been into his house and checked it.  I know that sounds daft but it has happened before that the police didnt do that.  They have CCTV of him shopping at ASDA and know all his routine walks.  Worrying.

We all have an exciting weekend before us.  On Sunday Fraserburgh football team play Rangers at Fraserburgh.  Our team colours are black and white.  The whole of Fraserburgh is swamped with black and white balloons and tinsel.  Our butcher even made some special black and white sausages.  Which the DP had last night for dinner.  And is still alive.

I just hope I can park my car at the Prom on Sunday.  And the missing gent has gone on his holidays without telling anyone.


Chris said...

Sorry to hear of your unpleasant conditions in and around Fraserburgh. We had almost Spring-like weather today, getting above freezing with sunny skies. We will be back in the deep freeze next week.

DUTA said...

Hope they find the missing person alive and well!
Both the fishing boat and the life boat look beautiful in your pictures.