Tuesday, 30 January 2018


I went for my promenade in the morning today.  

The DP was off on a bird watching jaunt with his mate.  (They got stuck in snow and had to be towed out!)  

I like to have the local paper when I have my lunch so I combined getting that with my walk.

The tide was on the turn so no birds on the shore.

Waiting for a bit more sand.

With my , new found, energy, I made it down these steps and on to the lower level.  Not only did it give me a different view , it was out of the wind, which was coming off shore.

Makes a change.

Back home.  Needless to say there were masses of garden birds now I am not counting.

I got on with finishing my painting of a Blue Tit.

Then continued the sorting and clearing of the shedudio to make room for the woodburning stove.

Second trolley - done.

Rubbish piling up....

But the ex IKEA unit is now empty and ready to be moved back into the house and under the stairs.  Well pleased.


crafty cat corner said...

A good day then, hooray, lets hope it continues.
Liking the little blue tit painting.

Sue in Suffolk said...

Good news that you were able to get down those steps and lovely to see a different view of your coastline

BadPenny said...

So good to hear you manages the steps. A wood burner in the shedding sounds like heaven.

kjsutcliffe - artist said...

Good walk! Nice to have been able to get out of that wind, it is rather chilly at the moment. Fortunately our snow so far has just been in shower form and doesn't stick :)

Yeah - we have loads of birds now .... where were they last weekend!

Gail, northern California said...

I love it when you make use of renewed energy---whether it's painting or preparations for installing the new woodturning stove---it's all good.