Saturday, 27 January 2018

More better and the big GardenBirdWatch.

Just about over the shock of the whatever it was that made me vomit.  It hasn't recurred thank goodness.

So I was off to the Prom whatever the weather!

Another bright sunny day although more windy.  Temperature is above freezing now.  Long may it last.

The tide is well out at the moment when I go so lots of sea birds out on the sand preening feathers, into the water for a bath, and then dry off and sleep, with one eye open of course, and on one leg for many.  Keeping the other one warm.

Oyster Catchers at the top.  Herring Gulls at the bottom.  

Home and into the shedudio for the RSPB Garden Birdwatch.  You have to choose an hour and count the birds that come into the garden.  Well this happens every year.  Normally we have loads of birds in our garden but as soon as the hour chosen begins..... zilch.  Or very few.

Within minutes of the hour being up..

The last couple of evenings there has been a strong smell of burning wood.  We know we are not being poisoned as we have a carbon monoxide alert thing, but the smell was quite overpowering.  So today the DP went and got the bits to replace the seal round the wood burning stove door.  Fixed.    He was muttering about something being wrong with the flue til I reminded him he had replaced the door seal before, quite a few years ago.  And that just before Christmas the flue was swept and cleaned and the cowl on the top.  He was quite proud of himself at having fixed the smell after all.  Ah.

Now do I do the Garden Bird Watch again tomorrow, and leave it til the hour after I watched today?  Or not.


Anonymous said...

we do a bird watch here as well, and I know just what you mean when deciding on the hour,,, thats just the time when the flipping birds disappear and come back two minutes after the hour and laugh at us lol,, your husband fixed the wood burner but it was your idea ,,, ahemmmmmmm,,,,,,lol,,

Chris said...

If the birds weren't at your feeders they must have been elsewhere. So, hopefully, were counted there.

The Weaver of Grass said...

I am not doing one here as I have not seen a single bird in my garden since I moved here. I suppose I would soon attract them if I fed them (as the farmer did when I lived on the farm) but frankly takingmy dog out three times a day is more than enough exercise, without feeding. And I am literally next door to the fields.