Sunday, 7 January 2018

Antibiotics and other stuff.

I know antibiotics are wonderful.  They kill germs, hopefully.  Everyone I have taken have given me unpleasant side effects.  The ones I am on now, apart from, I think making me feel more ill than I am, up til now I believed that was all.  Now the DP informs me that every night since starting to take said antibiotic I have shouted in my sleep and kicked.  Well I never shout and did think my fragile bones might snap if I kicked.  So the DP is off to another bedroom tonight.

He drove me to the Prom today.  It was beautiful.  Sunny, no wind.  Minus 3 and felt a lot colder.

No matter what the weather......

I did not walk far.  A lot of leaning on the railing and breathing in the clean sea air.

One of the larger fishing boats.

The tide was going out.

The Blackheaded Gull was marching up and down, so I got quite a few different poses to draw.

We were not out for long, even the DP said he was cold.

Down to the shedudio.  Bird watching again.  A Coal Tit.  Usually they fly in grab a seed and off again.  This one having a go at the peanuts so stayed long enough for me to take its picture.

Robin giving me two poses to draw.

Part of the crowd of Tree Sparrows.

Be off to bed soon.  Hope I don't wake myself up.  Oh and the shouting ?  Not a recognisable word amongst!  


Anonymous said...

I can see how that clean sea air could help your longs,, hopefully speed your healing. I really admire the red legs and feet of the gulls,, thats beautiful!

crafty cat corner said...

This cold weather is no good for breathing is it? we decided not to go out today as it was so cold and very windy.
I hope you soon feel better and the anti's get working quickly.

kjsutcliffe - artist said...

Good set of photos - could see you drawing them all. Hopefully the cussing and kicking has calmed down :) Wonder what triggers that? Have to admit to it being rather cold here too - Do you pre-heat your studio before you go down? I try to but often forget and have to put up with fighting off the polar bears until the heat kicks in!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Those robin photographs are a delight. Hope your sleep patterns soon return to normal!