Wednesday, 10 January 2018

The weather and technology. Fail.

The last day of antibiotics.  Just tomorrow morning, one more.  I have a repeat prescription in for another lot just in case.

So - today - off to the Prom.

At home 3 miles from the sea it was gloomy but no mist.  At the beach I could not see the horizon, where the water ends and the sky begins.  Lots of spray from the sea adding to the haze.

The Golden Horn at the entrance to the harbour.  The photograph I had to enhance so as to see it.  

And with the Fishing Boat heading for the harbour.

There was no wind, always a plus for me!  It was damp, not as cold as previous days so I managed a proper walk.

The Gull Gang.

Blackheaded Gulls - wash and brush up.  I should say these are in winter plumage, they get their black heads once the breeding season begins.

Now here is a wee dog.  Has all four legs, but presumably the back two do not work.  So he has a chariot too!  

He is chasing the ball!

Going back to the car - my mate the Rook.

Now, a tale of me and modern technology.  My tablet which I use for my art,

had become so slow I was ready to smash it.  So I bought a new tablet and was unable/useless at getting it working.  So then the DP said lets check the memory on the old tablet and found it was almost full.  So removed all the unwanted gubbins.  The old tablet now works perfectly.  Why did he not think of that before I forked out for a new one......


Chris said...

Good going with the walk on the prom, Jill, despite the misty day. Hope tomorrow is nicer.
I am having technology problems with my new Fitbit - either it doesn't like my computer or vice versa! Why does everything have to be so complicated?

DUTA said...

There's a lot to check before going to buy a new device. However, you'll much appreciate having a new, additional tablet. No reason to regret buying it.
Which reminds me of my own tablet. Its cover is completely worn out, and although it's not genuine leather the price demanded for a new one is outrageous.

BadPenny said...

Clearing out old gubbins is good ! I have so many. Passwords for different bits of technology I don't know what is what. I have a smart phone now but can't remember my email password to set it up on the phone and don't want to faff about changing passwords as might lose everything ! Someone has put what's app on for me so now I have texting, Facebook, messenger and what's app so really, do I need email too ? !

Love the dog chariot.

The Weaver of Grass said...

That is about my level of technology I am afraid.