Sunday, 28 January 2018

Crosspatch today.

I do not often get cross.  I am not as laid back as the DP but my bad language tends to come out when we are eating our evening meal and get on to discussing politics and the latest path of doom we are being taken down by our current rulers.

My walk on the Prom is a mind settler and soothes my soul.  If I have one, or it's equivalent.

This view made my heart sing.  And I leant on the railings to take photographs.


Herring Gulls.

Then this appeared.  Marching determinedly towards the birds - until they were all gone.

She only stopped to take a 'selfie'. 

I hope no-one was anywhere near me as I swore.....

Further along the beach the Surfers were arriving.  Even they stopped to look back at this idiot disturbing the wild life.  

I came home.

Settled down for another hour of Garden Bird Watching.  The birds came in in droves and I was grinning from ear to ear.

Then this

Round and round the field, passed our fence at a rate of knots, revving all the way.

Birds disappeared.  Each time the birds ventured out on to the bird feeders, round he came again. 

Not happy.


Chris said...

So sorry your day was disrupted by these thoughtless people. I hope you managed to get an adequate list of the birds at your feeders.

vic said...

Was the guy on the four wheeler doing anything useful or just messing around.? Generally it seems to be the latter which makes it all the more irksome.

kjsutcliffe - artist said...

How annoying! The pictures you did take of the birds look perfect inspiration for you though :)