Monday, 22 January 2018


The Banff-registered Sovereign got into difficulties at Cairnbulg Rocks, Aberdeenshire, in December 2005.
Five fishermen on board were airlifted to safety.

A few years back this film came out and had images of the Sovereign on their promotional posters.  Everyone got very excited expecting droves of tourists coming to view the wreck.  Alas that didnt happen.  Because nobody told them it was here!

And there it still is.  Usually hosting a lot of Cormorants.

The thing beyond is the beacon which acts as a warning light when dark, not just for the wreck but the rocks on which it foundered.  A mini lighthouse.
I got to remembering all this and other wrecks as I was walking on the prom today.

Better weather day.  Still snow lying.

The only bird I saw was a Rock Pipit drying off in the sun after taking a bath in the Kessock Burn.

I met an old friend.  He is a retired art teacher and brilliant photographer.  He was telling me of wrecks that had occurred that I had never heard of.  Such tragedies.  I have tried to find out more on Google but so far just got the one I knew about, the Sovereign which is off the coast at our nearest village.  And the Edward Bonaventure.  The latter I will tell more on another post.  


Lilly's Mom said...

I found this post on the shipwreck quite fascinating.

Anonymous said...

its must have terrifying for the men,, I can't imagine being on the sea in rough storms,, being air lifted to safety,, very scary but I really do find shipwreck interesting,, I think it must be wonderful to dive and discover the really old wrecks,, to late for me to do it now,, I'm the one becoming the old wreck now lol,,,