Saturday, 13 January 2018

A Better Day.

It was windy, and still is.  But the sun was around and it was not so cold.  So I went out.

Ah, the Oystercatchers.  They and I faced into the wind.  

Tiger Hill - the name of the big sand dune, and a person standing on top.

Below a black thing floating in and out.  Monday this week there was a bomb from WW1 appeared and had to be controlled explosioned.  Fraserburgh was a place where bombs not used previously were jettisoned as the Germans went home and apparently the Moray Firth is still full of them.  I think the black thing floating in and out is a plastic oil/petrol 'can' so do not panic.

Great Black Backed Gulls, Skurries, Black Headed, all there, the Gull Gang.

I didnt walk far and flew back to the car with the wind behind me as I turned.

Later a bit more painting, 

Lots more to do to this one.  

Makes a change from two feet and a beak.


Anonymous said...

that Tiger Hill photo is beautiful I love the water in that one, beautiful.
Oyster catchers,, very pretty aren't they, and that horse is coming along beautifully! Pretty scary stuff about the bombs,, imagine that! I suppose they get unearthed from the sea bottom by storms then get washed in?

Chris said...

Amazing sand dune - is it permanent? Love the horse's head, you have made a good start on it.

DUTA said...

Good shot of the dune with the solitary man on top!
Lovely picture of the horse head!