Tuesday, 9 January 2018

A Gloomy Day.

A very gloomy and windy day.

I made it to the Prom, driving myself so I must be getting better.

Everything in the distance blurred due to the mizzle of rain.

Not many walkers.

Plenty Oystercatchers.

A trio posing just for me.

Another poser.  I do not always remember just how long their beaks are.

A trio of Hellebores the DP bought from Lidl and has planted in the bed outside the shedudio after a few days in their pots getting acclimatised.  Never had Hellebores before.

I try not to bring politics into this blog.  But today I am so angry.  The Cabinet shuffle Theresa May has done today reinforces my view we are all doomed.  Our National Health Service  as is  will disappear and be privatised.  
Who is ready and able to pay for their health care?!  

We have a woman now a Minister for Women who is against abortion, for whatever reason,  and another who was the left hand to Ian Duncan Smith on the Department of Works and Pensions who thinks its good to be reliant on food banks - as we are all in this to pay off the national debt! And introduced Universal Credit and assessments for chronically ill people which subsequently stopped any payments.   

As most of the cabinet are millionaires and their cohorts have offshore tax avoidance accounts including Theresa May's husband - let them pay off the national debt which actually has increased under the Tory government.  

I shall say no more and stick to Sea birds.  Rant over.


Gail, northern California said...

Rant all you like, Jill.

Reading about your politicians actually made me feel a little better about ours. Not much, but a little.

Our situation is so hopeless because our President lies. Lies without any sort of moral compass. I don't think it ever enters his mind that he IS lying. For him, it's like breathing.

There. My rant is over. Regrettably, I'm not a painter and have no sea birds to calm the savage beast.

Thanks for the Hellebores.

DUTA said...

The trio of birds 'posing for you' left me wordless.

I detest politics and politicians; they are the root of all evil, just as it is said about money. I don't like to bring in politics too, but sometimes I comment on political topics of other blogs.
You're right; we are doomed and not only in Britain.

Lynda said...

Love hellebores, and have many in my garden. And the Oystercatcher photos look just like your paintings! xx

BethB from Indiana said...

Don't worry about the political ranting; to me, it cleanses my mind for a bit if I can rant and swear and let off steam about our horrible situation in Washington. How could we have elected such an ignorant, racist, sexual predator sociopath?? I fear for our future, even our tomorrows.

You should be proud of your commitment to improving your health. You just keep on no matter how much it may hurt to get out as often as you can.

Also, I love your photography. It lets me "live" in your part of the world. Thank you.

Barbara said...

Keep ranting! otherwise they win.
Hope your health improvement continues.
Barbara x