Monday, 21 May 2012

Welcome back!

The Dawn Patroller has returned.

Welcomed back by a Roe Buck on this mornings dawn patrol.

He had a good weekend.  Enjoyed by all.

My grandson Theo.

And his big brother Zachary.  (Yes -  they needed sun cream!)

But the DP was led a bit astray.  He hates cutting grass and has been redesigning the garden to reduce the amount of lawns to cut.

So this half of the lawn at the side of the house is to become this....

What was even better for him was to hear, from an expert "JUST LEAVE IT AND SEE WHAT COMES UP."  Then we will get these beautiful creatures.

Well, at the moment, all I can see is grass.  Having been left quite long time between mowings due to the odd weather we have had I can see there are different types of grass.  And daisies, and dandelions, and the odd buttercup.  

Apparently what you do is mow a path through it.  This is so passing horse riders, cyclists, joggers, people in high vehicles, tractor drivers etc can see you HAVE THIS UNDER CONTROL.  THERE IS A PURPOSE BEHIND THIS.

It will be a while before I let him out to play again.


Anonymous said...

Ooh, it's going to be lovely! I bet the beasties are cheering right now! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh now I like that idea! It'll be great! I'm glad he had a good visit.

BadPenny said...

I dream of having a wild flower meadow and was looking wistfully at seeds on sunday. Friends in Devon did this on a steep bank above their cottage & it was stunning.

Susan T said...

Great photos, especially of your two grandsons, handsome little chaps both. I do love the look of a wild flower meadow. I don't know if I would have the guts and determination to let it get that way though.

scrumptious days said...

Oh isn't it wonderful to need sun cream:-) J x