Friday, 25 May 2012

Sunset. And who knows about tomorrow?!

Last night's sunset.   From our Dining Room Window.  Wowee.

At sunrise, the Dawn Patroller went off to .....

Loch Muick is a 2-mile long freshwater loch in AberdeenshireScotland. It is fed from the west by the Allt an dubh Loch, which flows down from Dubh Loch. The outflow is the source of the River Muick. A hiking path around the loch exists and is accessible from a carpark at Spittal of Glen Muick, at the northeastern end of the loch. Many old beech trees can be found around the edge of the loch - remnants of a beech forest that once covered the area.
A wide variety of bird and animal life can be found around the Loch including red squirrelred deer and oyster catchers.
The Loch sits within the boundary of the Balmoral estate and the royal bothy Glas-allt Shiel which was built by Queen Victoria sits on its banks. The house sits in a small pine plantation and can be accessed via the footpath that runs around the Lochs perimeter.

Black Grouse having a set to.

Red Deer having a bath.

A Yellow Wagtail.

What a wonderful place we live in.  

I cannot walk very far, so the DP brings me back these pictures.  
But sitting in my very own garden I have seen as many wild birds, including today, a Merlin snatching a bit of lunch off the top of the honeysuckle arch.  

Listened to the songs of the Blackbird, and Greenfinch.  (I didnt know Greenfinch could sing so beautifully,as they usually make daft whistling noises.)  

Then I noticed the Rowan baby tree was flowering.  Underneath is our Puzzle Cat, so he has done some good then hasnt he?!

'Work' today was painting more of the outdoor table and chairs.  But I did do a bit more of the more finer painting on this Common Tern I am attempting.    

Enough now.

A pleasant, warm and sunny weekend to all.  


Anonymous said...

That's an amazing sunset! This morning we awoke to the foghorn here in Aberdeen, but soon the sun had burned off the haar and we had a splendid day. I haven't been to Loch Muick for many years - I remember our son going all the way around the loch (8 miles) when he was 4! I'm glad the Patroller is also a Mid-day Patroller and shares his photos with us all.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics, as always. :) Loch Muick is a special place for us too, hubby and I walked around it during our honeymoon! I wouldn't be able to do it now unfortunately, but it's a lovely place to just meander about. xx

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

That is some sunset. Incredible!!!

Susan T said...

Wow what a sunset, yes you are very lucky to live where you do with wildlife all around, we have traffic!

Anonymous said...

Actualy its not a Yellow Wagtail its a Grey Wagtail

justjill said...

Well done anonymous, the Dawn Patroller corrected me and said twas a grey wagtail, my apologies. Now I hope sincerely, that you will no longer be anonymous as you are so obviously someone I would like to be on board.