Friday, 18 May 2012


Yesterday I was marooned down the shed.  I do have one of these masks.  But do look a bit of a dill wearing one.

We had the electricians.  Removing wires and cables and scart leads and phone wires.  And causing a lot of dust, not good for my breathing.

What seemed like this lot came out of the chimney and then put back up/down again.

What really made me laugh was at one point I came up from the shed to find the DP and the electrical apprentice holding up the tv whilst the electrician checked all the connections to SKY and DVD and telephone.  

When I asked if they were going to stay there all night like that so I could watch the tele, did not go down well.  

The main problem was that they had threaded all these cables and bits only to discover the scart lead to the dvd was faulty.  So had to call in someone else to bring another who was a mite critical that they had not checked the first one before threading through loft/floors/walls and into socket.  So long as I am not paying for that hours delay....

So meanwhile I was marooned down the shed.To avoid all the dust from hacking into walls and shifting sockets.  Really painful being marooned.  (Ho ho).

I watched Sith claw his way to the top of the man shed.

I finished off the hens.

And made some bunting.

Just in time to return to the house and watch the tele.  All fixed.  Pity, I quite liked being marooned.


Mum said...

It's best to keep out of the way, isn't it? Wish I could. My job seems to be chief clearer upper whenever there are 'important jobs' to be done!
Love from Mum

BadPenny said...

Now I'm saying "We were Marooned" like Frazer in Dads' Army !
Thank goodness you had somewhere to go or you & Sith might have had to share the man shed !

Anonymous said...

Good thing you have your special wee place to run to! Like your henny picture, clever you. xx

Anonymous said...

Well hooray that they sorted out all the wires and the telly is okay now. Perhaps you can be marooned another time, without having workers in, but just because! Sounds great...

justjill said...

Oh, Penny, I dont think we would both fit!