Saturday, 5 May 2012

Its the weekend - lets destroy the house!

Minerva McGonagall inspecting work in progress.

Actually desperate to inspect what is behind the board put up to stop her so doing.

Electric fire now removed.  

We found a lot of glass fibre insulation which will have to be removed.  Masks and gloves.  Also some strange wires we havent the foggiest idea of what they are for.

The Dawn Patroller has been on the internet.  Despite our stove supplier saying you will have to move the t.v. off the wall as it will get hot, the DP says those who sound intelligent on Google (i.e. agree with him), say you can leave it there.  
We agreed to call it a day today.

This morning I had to re-check the date as I watched blizzards of snow sweep across the fields.

Sunny and bright now.

Some of us are waiting for the sun to set.

Then they can get on to their favourite place on the DPs knee.

Have a good weekend, and I pray all your walls are intact.


Mum said...

It's been sunny all day here.

ttMinerva, you have beautiful eyes.
Love from Mum

Christine Laennec said...

We had snow this morning here in Aberdeen as well. No gardening! As far as I know all our walls are intact, but thanks for the good wishes. DP's "May the Fourth" joke made me laugh out loud!

The fire's on and there will be cats on laps soon here too.

scrumptious days said...

I have the central heating May! Absolutely bonkers!!!!

Susan T said...

Shivering here, heating on, what's new.

BadPenny said...

Oh dear you do have quite a project on. My painter bloke pointed out some odd wiring so called in an electrician. He also noticed our stairs are falling apart so now we need a chippie... so glad we are keeping the local trades men busy !

Cats on laps are divine on a chilly evening x

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, thermal undies needed here too. Brrr! You're going to love snuggling round your new stove though, it'll all be worth it. :) xx

justjill said...

Penny, thats what worries me, you get one job done and then theres another, and another, and anothr, £££££. Hope you are feeling better.