Saturday, 26 May 2012

Sunshine again! No shorts!

Loch Muick again folks.  Amazing all these empty properties.

But then, they all belong to the Queen, so perhaps they get filled up when she is visiting, or Charles and Camilla and all the Security Service.  And then there is always William and Kate.

Meanwhile back in my 'second home' the DP decided to trim the hedges, I thought for a panic stricken minute it was going to be my neck or my hair.  But he was just collecting his gardening gloves.

I spent the morning - 9a.m. it was in the seventies - painting more chairs, and the bits of table and chair I missed previously.  Only three chairs to go now.  Hope to finish before the rain forecast for Wednesday, tho I have a busy week in front of me.

Also managed a bit of weeding, apologies for no picture, do you want to watch paint dry or Ground Elder be removed, I think not.

Then came the fun part of the day.  Common Tern.  Just waiting for a bit of gouache on his beak.

Halfway through the day I got the scissors and chopped off the legs of my jeans.  What a relief.  I now have shorts and its still sunny.


Anonymous said...

You should have asked the DP to cut off the legs of your jeans for you with his fearsome machinery!

I'm so glad you've had this wonderful weather too.

The Squirrel Family said...

I love the tables and chairs .....what colour/brand is the paint?

the tern is also fab, you have captured the movement well