Sunday, 13 May 2012

Tis Sunday.

Some years ago when we lived in an urban sprawl, Sunday was the day everyone washed their cars.  Soap suds everywhere.  I have to own up that apart from the odd scary experience of a drive through car wash (where I am told I screamed the whole time we were in there,) I have never washed a car.

And never will.

Better things to do.  (and I think cars with mould on them are pretty.)

A Willow Warbler in full warble.

A grey start to the day and cool.

Lots of seals at Cairnbulg, including some baby ones.

The view from my seat in the shed.  Of one of our beautiful cherry trees, hung with bird feeders.  (and the man shed behind.)

 I finished the Gannets.  Wall of infamy or a frame?  No need to answer.

Then finally the sun comes out.  The wind drops.  

Too late to start anything else.  Like gardening, hanging washing out, mowing the lawn, washing the windows, such is life.  

I could always open the wine.  


BadPenny said...

open the wine & join me with a glass as we've earned it - heaps of washing washed, put on the line & brought in dry, grass seeded & fenced off from dog, roast in the oven...
I love seals.
Screaming through the car wash ? I love going through them ! We once had a car crash having washed the car so it's a bit of a bad omen for us. We were in a treasure hunt & all dressed up as Charlie Chaplin.
Felt like proper Charlies afterwards !

Mum said...

Open the wine.
Love from Mum

sara said...

Definitely a frame, such beautiful colours........personally I love car washes and would ride through one all day, although washing a car is another thing........your cherry tree view is lovely........oh yes.....and I say open that bottle of wine Jill. x

justjill said...

Goodness Penny, I just spilt me wine laughing so much. Charlie Chaplin? I have done treasure hunts but never dressed up!

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Just catching up here Jill. Happy for you that you're there at last with the shed. Hope the wine was good :D