Sunday, 27 May 2012

Banff and Macduff Coast Festival.

This morning the DP and I set off to Banff for the Coast Festival.  Run totally by volunteers this is an amazing success story which can only get better in that more people will visit this North East Corner and enjoy what we have to offer.

This Georgian mansion was built on the site of an ancient castle.  If you want to know more google it.  Not here today for a history lesson, tho I may do it in the future as it is interesting.

The flags are all made by local voluntary groups, such as Brownies and Scouts etc.

The view from the grassy bit you can see above, over the bay looking towards Macduff.

Now where other than the Med would you see beaches like that and seas that colour?

This is a paper kiln.  Inside which are various pottery bits and pieces.  We saw one opened up earlier with some beautiful pots and bits.  So it works.

The sheeps skull is to appease the Pagan Gods who have to be appeased when one tries to make pots from clay/sand - and paper as it turns out.

The massed flags.

A wee Pagan.

My main reason for being there was to see the Art work.  The one below is by my art teacher Louise M Hewitt.

Unfortunately she hasnt updated her web site.  

Her exhibition today was from work done on prisms from the lights in the Scottish Lighthouse Museum and just blew me away.  So the picture above is not quite the spectrum of light she has now achieved, but gives you an inkling.  Although it is sunrise and sunsets.

We went upstairs and viewed the Banff Art Club exhibition and I was very pleased when the DP muttered "Well yours are better than any of them."  (and they were priced at £60 upwards.)

We came home via Macduff,( in fact there isn't any other way), and stopped off at the Town Hall.  Now this was art.  I had to be dragged out kicking and screaming to stop me spending money we dont have on the most fantastic bowl.

This is by the same artist.  Maralyn Reed-Wood.

But the one I wanted to buy was a wicker sort of edging with greeny fish , oh how I wish I had taken a picture.

And bought it.

There was lots more happening - for children, for singers, for well you name it.  

But the DP and I came home and he cut some grass and I did some drawing.

But we will be back next year.


BadPenny said...

Catching up here & something's gone wrong so I can only see part of your photos. Just wanted to call by incase you thought I was dead.

Anonymous said...

You had a great day of weather for it! We are a stone's throw away, you could have nipped in for a cuppa! Good job we're meeting up on Saturday for one! :)

scrumptious days said...

The beach looks lovely, but I have to speak up for my local beach in Brittany, bluer sea and more gorgeous sand:-).
Have a great week, J x

justjill said...

I know you aint dead, I just commented on your latest blog. I cant see my stupid video, so goodness only knows.