Wednesday, 23 May 2012

I took my vest off.

Yes - it is finally Summer. How long it lasts - well.

The DP was out on patrol at 6a.m. and saw this wee Bunny in its hole, so cute.  Well, yes, I can say that as it is not in my garden, but up the defunct railway line.  Formartine and Buchan Railway line.  

He had been told to watch out for large holes along the railway line which would have indicated Badgers, but this is what he saw.  The only Badgers we have seen so far have been dead ones at the side of the road.  Bad.

And a Roe Buck.

Back at the ranch, we both spent most of the day in the garden.  

Here, in the North East of Scotland, you take no notice of any weather report/forecast.  If its sunny, little wind, and warm you get out there.  And stay out there.

Like a whirling dervish I sorted out all me pots, re-potted, replanted, watered, (now how often do you need to do that up here!)

Sith watched on in amazement.

Not very clear but there is a Buddha below, at the base of the tree.  And a weeded bed.  Now cleared and seeded with bee loving annuals.

Our new spinney of silver beeches are all planted, staked and watered.  (and approved by neighbours over the road).  We just do not really want to see their house.  

Crops!  Lilac cut and into the house.  Scent heavenly.

So, even if we just had the one day, I took my vest off in 2012.  But I still have me socks on.


Mum said...

Go on, be brave and show off your little tootsies. I've been in flip flops since February. I can smell the lilac from here. The sun's a good 'un isn't he?
Love from Mum

BadPenny said...

cute bunny. That's a lot of work... you deserve to open a bottle !

Susan T said...

Isn't it great to be out in the sunshine, very impressive work going on in your garden there. It made me smile to think of you not wanting to see you neighbours house, we are all cheek by jowl here. Gorgeous bunny shot, I love em, they scamper and bounce across the field at the back of our house, our neighbour a farmer, used to shoot them!!! sadly she passed away and th bunnies are taking over now.