Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Doric- I learnt a new word!

Een.  = One.  That een is a deer.

You eens is you ones.  As in "Ye eens can choose."  The vowels are completely altered.

Here  is a tale I heard today.

A loon (young man) gets on a bus and asks the driver, "Is your wifie's eye okay?"
The driver replies, "I dinna ken."  (I don't know.)

An English woman on the bus hears this exchange and is horrified that the driver does not know if his wife's eye is okay.

What the young man was actually asking was 

"Is the Wi fi okay."  

(Most of our buses up here in the North East of Scotland have free Wi fi connection.)  

So eye = aye (good).  Really confusing!

Imagine this dear friends.  Tuesday is my really busy day when I have coffee in the Cafe Connect in the morning.  This is when we catch up on the Fraserburgh School Cluster Enterprise in Education.  (There is a facebook page I set up for this.)

Just look at the kids concentration.

Our Knitting Nancies go into the schools and share their skills with the children.

The enterprise is to design flooring, benches, waste bins, art, et al for the new Swimming Pool hopefully fully constructed later this year.

Artists impression of.

A 'real' artist has designed a work of art to hang in the entrance hall.

Carn Standing working on his Angel which will hang in the Entrance, he designed this after much research and feed back from the 'Passionate, generous and caring people of the Broch.'

We do, actually, all speak the same language.


Anonymous said...

The joys of Doric. Lol! I'll have to wow you with some well-turned phrases on Saturday. Although I'm losing my ability after being married to and Englishman for so long, lol! :)

Love all the things you are involved in, real community stuff. Ace. :) xx

BadPenny said...

We do need subtitles for that lot !
Super artwork all around.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious conversation / misunderstanding!